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Implementation of measures

Mauthof - Ecological measures for amphibians and forests

The implementation of the measure Floodplain Management Mauthof already started in the first project "Murerleben I". A branch with a length of approx. 340m was constructed. The planned subsidence of the area and development of ponds at the upstream side of the branch could not be realised within Murerleben I. This will now be done in the current project Murerleben II. In this area spawning habitats for amphibians are developed. These habitats are having a total area of approx. 2000m². These ponds are embedded in a development area (3.500m²) for softwood floodplain forest.

The realisation of the measure was finished in summer 2012.


Pictures to Mauthof you find here.

Floodplain Management Mauthof
Life plus Nature Project
"Inner-Alpine River Basin Management for the Upper Mur"
Realisation of measures

Completion of measure Preg and Mauthof in 2012.

The measure Lässer Au was finished in december 2013, the measure Feistritz in the summer of 2014.

The implementation of the measures Apfelberg, und St. Peter started in summer/autumn 2014.

GerambRose 2010
River widening Weyern awarded with the GerambRose 2010