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Implementation of measures

Sauerbrunn-Pöls - River widening

The floodplain management in Sauerbrunn-Pöls is included in a number of measures, by which a rich structured flow course is to be achieved to an extent of 3,0 km (together with the already realized measure St. Peterer-Au and Thalheim - St. Peter/ Judenburg). The area of Sauerbrunn itself covers an area of approx. 2.4 ha.
The following measures are going to be set:
o Construction of a 250 m long distributary
o 390 m opening of the bank protection
o Building of amphibian basins in dimension of 2,000 m²
o Initiationof of floodplain forest development of approx. 1.0 ha
o Improvement of a tributary-mouth
o Lowering of the ground in a dimension of 4,635 m² 
o Enlargment of the Naura-2000-Area of approx. 2.0 ha
The implementation of this measure was start in autumn/winter 2014 and finished in winter/spring 2015.

Actual pictures of the development you find here.

Life plus Natur Projekt

"Inneralpines Flussraummanagement

Obere Mur"

Gemeinsame Wege von Wasserbau und Naturschutz.

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